Refreshing Cucumber Water


Author: Susanne at Dish With Me

Refreshing Cucumber Water
Refreshing Cucumber Water
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Okay, I know what you’re thinking…this one is stupid simple…and you’re right, it is!  BUT, you would be amazed at how many people have never tried this Refreshing Cucumber Water! I asked for it once in a restaurant and the server looked at me like I was nuts!

I Know Lemons Are Good

As we all know, it is soooo common for people to order water with lemon at a restaurant, or make lemon water at home, without thinking a thing about it. I mean, I get that many people like lemon water, and it is good for you, but it seems many never think about trying water a different way.  Why?  Who says we can’t think outside the box?

I truly LOVE lemons, but I am not the biggest fan of lemon water, lemonade, yes, lemon water, meh.

Cucumbers Are Good, Too

If you are a fan of cucumbers then you already know that they are so refreshing!  

So, if you love, or even just like cucumbers, please, do yourself a favor, and just try this!  It is soooo refreshing and lovely!  I am insane over it.  And, if you don’t like it, no harm, no foul.  But, if you do like it, it just might help you add more water consumption to your day, which is a WIN! A big win!

Yes, I know it is silly to make a recipe for something so simple, but maybe now you’ll try it!

Oh, and, hey, if you happen to have access to mint leaves, try tossing one or two in with the cucumber slices. OMG…SOOO REFRESHING!!!

Try enjoying this lovely water with some Bacon beer dip.


I use English cucumbers for this, and, actually, for most recipes that contain cucumbers, they are less seedy and have a smoother texture.

I partially peel the skin and leave part of it on. It looks really pretty that way!

Also, if you are using a water bottle instead of a glass or cup, simply cut spears of cucumbers, instead of slices and plop them right in your bottle.  YUM!

Try pairing this refreshing drink with my Seafood Salad recipe atop an avocado for a fantastic lunch!

Drink up, friends!

Refreshing Cucumber Water


Refreshment in every sip
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Course: Drinks
Keyword: Cucumber water
Prep Time: 1 minute
Author: Susanne


  • ice cubes
  • water
  • 6 cucumber slices peel skin in strips


  • Fill glass with ice
  • Add water
  • Toss in the cucumber slices and give it a swirl…Tada!
  • Sip and enjoy
  • Cheers!

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  1. 5 stars
    Such a simple thing and yet so easily overlooked. With the warm weather that we’re ‘unexpectedly’ getting, this is a good way to stay hydrated. One thing I’ve discovered though, is that I won’t put in as many fresh mint leaves. Cucumber, ice, a wee dash of lime and ONE mint leaf and I’m ready to rock n roll. Thanks, Susanne.

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