About Me

Hello, my name is Susanne and this is my blog!

I am a home cook, a travel enthusiast, a registered nurse, a foodie, an aspiring cookbook author, a recipe writer/creator, photographer, and a blogger. I, also, take care of the lighting for photography, buy the groceries, clean the groceries, clean the dishes, clean the countertops and clean the floors. Yep, I do it all, so be patient with me, pretty please.

A Little History

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of California.  I have lived in, both, northern California and southern California, but overall, I’m more a southern California girl and, if I move back, it will most likely be to the southern part of the state.  Of course, that is where most of my family is, so that is definitely a big factor. And, even though I am not currently living there, I am a California girl through and through, heart and soul. 

The reason I shared where I am originally from is because it helps explain a little about my varied tastes. From childhood I was introduced to an abundant amount of unique, diverse, and fresh foods.  I didn’t know anything different than to be very open minded to the vast variety that was always a part of my life.  It wasn’t until I moved away that I discovered that everyone doesn’t love things like alfalfa sprouts, or avocado toast, or Chinese and Mexican food.  OMG, the latter is like a religion! And, street tacos, they are the holy grail!  I, also, did not realize that different regions don’t always have access to the same offerings in grocery stores.  I now know this! Some things are really not easy to find in other areas of the world, but online shopping helps a LOT with that!

The Idea

When my oldest son moved out he asked me to make a recipe book for him, filled with all his favorites.  What I made was a VERY homemade one consisting of a binder, plastic inserts and printed recipes inserted into those plastic pages.  It worked for him and he was very appreciative, but someone stole it from him. Years later, when my youngest moved out he, also, asked me for one. My response was that I just cook basic things like everyone else does. And, I really believed this, but he told me he had been to lots of his friends houses and assured me that this was not the case. I contemplated what he had said for a bit and reflected back to the responses from people I had cooked for and determined he might be on to something, so I set out to share my love of creating and cooking delightful dishes with others.

Sooo…instead of throwing another binder together, the idea of making a real cookbook was born…that will come later!  Then I had a Eureka moment and the idea of this blog was born.

The Reason

In this blog, I, obviously, want to include some recipes that my family and friends love, but, also, I want to make life easier for you…and my sons!  So, I want to include some tips and tricks I have learned along the way, and tools that may help make the cooking process easier, very possibly quicker and hopefully even enjoyable for you. There are a few things you will likely not see me doing and that is listing serving sizes, nutritional facts, calories, carbs, fats, etc.. I am pretty sure that would totally take the fun out of it for me.  I will give approximate prep times because, I believe if you are wanting to make something quick and easy, you shouldn’t tackle something time consuming and detailed. That will definitely take the fun out of cooking for you and I don’t want that.

I Truly Understand

You see, I have always worked and taken care of a family, a house, etc., When I was a working RN, a 12-14 hour work day was commonplace, so I TRULY understand what it feels like to feel overwhelmed. When you are feeling overwhelmed, cooking time-consuming meals doesn’t always sound pleasurable, or even possible.  I feel if I share relatively quick and easy things to prepare that maybe you will enjoy being in the kitchen and maybe you will not depend on fast food/take out quite so much, which might actually lead to you feeling a whole lot healthier. Another thing that will make you feel a whole lot better…DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Just saying…

The Way I See It

I truly see cooking as art.  No, it’s not painting or drawing, but it IS creating! Instead of using colors, paint, or pencils one uses seasonings, herbs, and fresh ingredients. And the more you cook, the more in tune you become with all the different flavors and which flavors might go well together. And, to me, a creative outlet equates to therapy. Throw in some music and I am in my happy place!

Just to be clear, I am not a professionally trained cook.  Heck, I am not even an unprofessionally trained cook! I am simply a self-taught person who loves to cook for people. Maybe cooking for others is my love language, who knows?

Hey, what are you waiting for? Come Dish With Me!