A word about garlic

Author: Susanne at Dish With Me

garlic, ingredient, flavoring-3419544.jpg

When my recipes call for garlic, I always mean FRESH garlic…the kind that comes in a pod that you have to peel. Now, I may, also, call for garlic powder in the same recipe…no, this is not a mistake. Sometimes, actually quite often, I use both because it just hits different. That being said, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER mean that minced up crap in a jar! That stuff is so gross! I am a lover of garlic. I mean I seriously love it, but not that crap in a jar. AND, if you are one of those people who think your don’t like garlic and the jarred stuff is all you’ve ever had…I don’t blame you. I challenge you to try it fresh. It might just change your culinary world! And, roasted garlic…oh my word…it is simply divine! There is whole post on that subject!

In some recipes, like my pot roast recipe (will be posted soon), I will call for peeled garlic cloves to be left whole, instead of grated. Other than those times, unless otherwise stated, when I call for garlic to be grated, I mean for a fine microplane to be used and the garlic grated. Not the large side of a box grater, or even the medium side on a box grater, but a fine microplane. Yes, it makes a difference!

That is all on this subject…for now.